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Search Process

Colorado nanny has developed a detailed, step-by-step process to effectively guide you through your custom nanny search.

Step 1


To initiate our temporary or long-term custom search service, you must complete and submit our easy-to-use, online application and contract.

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Step 2

Recruiter Assignment

Once we have received your application and contract, you will be assigned a lead recruiter that will introduce themselves and email you all the tools needed for a successful search.

Step 3

Telephone Consultation

Your recruiter will schedule a telephone consult that will last 30-60 minutes. We use this time to review your application, get to know you personally and understand your specific desires in hiring a nanny to help us be most effective with our recruiting efforts.

Step 4

Recruitment process

We will advertise your job, screen hundreds of resumes, conduct telephone screens, conduct face-to-face interviews and reference checks. We will email you an application and references for the select candidates that match your needs. We will give you weekly updates to help you stay connected to your search.

Step 5

Offer of employment

We offer to assist with negotiations. All offers will be made contingent on us conducting a thorough background check that takes 3-5 days to complete. Preliminary results can be provided for quick start dates.

Step 6

Hiring agreement

We provide you a hiring agreement template at the beginning of your search. We require as a part of your guarantee that you assemble a hiring agreement that should be signed by you and your nanny with a copy sent to us by the nanny’s start date.

Step 7

Ongoing support

To support long-term hiring relationships, we are available as a confidential ear to provide support for you and your nanny at any time.